Our History

It started in January 2017

Indivisible Nob Hill (INH) was founded on January 12, 2017 by Barbara C. Lemaire, PhD. The first meeting was held at Canvas Artistry in February with 124 people in attendance.  INH enacted bylaws in October 2017 and became a 501(C)(4) organization with a Board of Directors established.  

The organization collaborates  with sister Indivisible organizations in Albuquerque to meet regularly with New Mexico’s Members of Congress (MoC) and the Governor's office.    We have built strong relationships with each MoC, the Mayor’s office, City Councilors and the Bernalillo County Commission. 

Indivisible Nob Hill meets weekly and hosts direct action events, movie premiers, creates educational material, and raises funds for issues that define us such as: 

  • common sense gun safety 
  • healthcare for all 
  • environmental care 
  • immigrant rights 
  • voting rights for all 

Marching in the Pride Parade

Other Helpful Information




Click here to go to the National Indivisible Site.  Read the explainers and actions!

Go to this National Indivisible site and read the Guide.  The document that founded a movement. 

Weekly Actions




 We can all help in a variety of ways.  At Indivisible Nob Hill we offer you many ways to participate in our democracy.   Sign up for our newsletter to find how what you can do!   Use the 'contact us' button from the home page., or email us at 


Voter Registration Drives

Officers and Contact Information

Officers and Contact Information


Many members of Indivisible Nob Hill are voter registration agents (VRA's).  We have an active group that goes to college campuses and other events to register voters.  Come help us!  We usually have one event a week and we need volunteers to help. 

Officers and Contact Information

Officers and Contact Information

Officers and Contact Information


  • President - Rayellen Smith
  • Vice President - Gary Coffin
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Claudia Klesert
  • Outreach Coordinator - Melora Palmer
  • Member at Large-  Sandy Stulberg, Tiffany Stevens, Dee Ivy
  • Student Member at Large -  Miguel Prieto
  • Founder - Barbara Lemaire

Contact any of us at indivisiblenobhill@gmail.com


Take a look at our member bylaws here 

Important Files

Here are some important files you might want to read

INH 2018 Primary Candidate Evaluation Survey Results

Indivisible Nob Hill conducted a survey of New Mexico Primary candidates.  Members rated each response, and the results are contained in the report below.  

Candidates must read and agree to abide by the guidelines contained in the 'Candidates Use Guidelines' section of this report.  

Indivisble Nob Hill Candidate Evaluation Survey Report 2018 - Google Docs (pdf)



Indivisible Nob Hill, along with other Albuquerque meets regularly with our Senators and Representatives.  Minutes will be posted here for your review.