2019 New Mexico Legislative Priorities

Santa Fe Roundhouse

Santa Fe Roundhouse

Our priorities

Members of Indivisible Nob Hill have voted on 5 key issues we will work on with  other lead groups to pass favorable progressive legislation during the 2019 session.   Track along with the bills using the NM Legislature website.

Members will form rapid response teams and travel to Santa Fe for key votes, help lobby legislators and support lead groups to get legislation passed. 

Meet us on the Railrunner on Jan 15, 2019 to kick off the session.

If you are interested in assisting with the priorities, contact Toni Goar using the contact button on the home page.  

NEW!!!!  check out this website from Retake Our Democracy and learn tips for going to the Roundhouse!! 

NM Legislature website

Common Sense Gun Safety


According to the New Mexico Legislature website, the following bills have been posted: 

HB 8 BACKGROUND CHECK FOR FIREARM SALES  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)


HB 40  BACKGROUND CHECKS AT GUN SHOWS  (Moms Demand Action do not support this bill) 



HB 87 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & FIREARM POSSESSION  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)

SB 8 FIREARM SALE BACKGROUND CHECK  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)

You can read the text of each bill by clicking the links above.  

Please sign up to attend the Lobby Day on February 5 and wear a RED shirt.    See the 'Additional Information' section below and sign up using the link. The link takes you to the Adelante Caucus website. 

INH Lead -  Marilyn Finkelstein

Lead Organization - Mom's Demand Action 

Legislation Information


Improving Civics education in middle school, and education overall is the priority for this group. 

Current legislative action can be found here

Legislative Day of Action Jan. 23  

Register here

INH Lead - Maria Garre, Sally Davis 

Lead groups - AFT and NEA-NM 


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  This group will work on  Medicaid Buy-in Bills and Health Security for New Mexicans (Medicare for All at the state level) 

See more details below  in the Healthcare section

INH Lead -  Sandy Stulberg/Chris Hayward

Lead Group -  under discussion

Environment/Renewable Energy

Bills that focus on driving economic benefits through renewable energy and saving our environment. 

INH Lead - Toni Goar

Lead Groups- NM 350, Sierra Club



Bills Introduced

HB 51 - Decriminalize  Abortion

HB 88 - HealthCare Value and Access Commission Act 

SB101 -  Healthcare Value and Access Commission Act

Medicaid Buy-in options for New Mexico

New Mexico  is considering a Medicaid buy-in solution in the context of rising costs for health coverage, uncertainty regarding stability of the individual market and the state’s persistently high uninsurance rate of more than 9%. Against this backdrop, New Mexico is contemplating new ways to leverage its Medicaid program—the largest payer in the state, covering more than 40% of the state population—to increase affordability, expand coverage and improve access to care. Specifically, the state is exploring a state-sponsored coverage option that uses the Medicaid program in some way—via its “purchasing power” as the state’s largest payer, its well-established Medicaid managed care plans, its Medicaid provider network and provider reimbursement rates—to offer a more accessible and affordable statewide coverage option.  

From:  Evaluating Medicaid Buy In Options for New Mexico by Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Managing Director Patricia Boozang, Senior Managing Director Hailey Davis, Senior Manager Ashley Traube, Consultant  

Read a draft of the Medicaid Buy In Bill Here 

Health Security For New Mexicans


The Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign is a broad grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals around New Mexico that believe it is time for our state to set up its own health plan, with freedom of choice of health care provider and a comprehensive benefit package, to ensure health care coverage for all New Mexicans.

Continuing to support a complex private health insurance system that has failed to address our health care crisis is not a wise investment of our limited resources. That is why we advocate for the New Mexico Health Security Plan—an approach that shifts private insurance to a supplementary role, just as Medicare did for the over-65 population many years ago.

Find out more

Additional Information - Adelante Caucus Links


Sign Up for Roundhouse days

Use this link to sign up for the days you can attend sessions at the roundhouse.  The goal is to have at least 10 people at each session (from all the progressive groups) 

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