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Click here for a summary of the bills we are following.  We will update this weekly throughout the session. 

INHers at the Roundhouse Jan. 15, 2019

INHers at the Roundhouse Jan. 15, 2019

2019 New Mexico Legislative Priorities

Santa Fe Roundhouse

Our priorities

Members of Indivisible Nob Hill have voted on 6 key issues we will work on with  other lead groups to pass favorable progressive legislation during the 2019 session.   Track along with the bills using the NM Legislature website.

NM Legislature website

Common Sense Gun Safety

 UPDATE -  HB8 and HB87 have passed the house!  Getting closer!

HB 8 BACKGROUND CHECK FOR FIREARM SALES  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)

HB 87 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & FIREARM POSSESSION  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)

SB 8 FIREARM SALE BACKGROUND CHECK  (Mom's Demand Action Priority Bill)

INH Lead -  Marilyn Finkelstein

Lead Organization - Mom's Demand Action 

Legislation Information


Education funding and overall improvements 

SB1  Public Education Changes 

SB31  Social workers in all High Poverty Schools

SB47  Increase teacher salaries

SB251 - Tuition and Fee Waivers for Foster Children

SB 288 - Safe Schools for all students

SB229- School Support and Accountability act

SB253 -School program unit calculations

SB321 -Air conditioning for school busses

HB171 - increase teacher salaries 

HB11, 120 and 159 -  Multicultural education, bi-lingual teacher education and cultural linguistics 

HB91 -  Career Technical Education Pilot Project

HB92 -  Limit  testing days in schools 

HB 127 - College Affordability Act Changes

INH Lead - Maria Garre, Sally Davis 

Lead groups - AFT and NEA-NM 


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  This group will work on  Medicaid Buy-in Bills and Health Security for New Mexicans (Medicare for All at the state level) 

Bills being followed: 

HB88 and SB101 -  Healthcare Value and Access Commission

HB295- Health Security Act

SB405 - Medicaid Buy In 

HB89 Healthcare for Contraception

HB51 - Decriminalize Abortion

INH Committee -  Willie OrrSandy Stulberg/Chris Hayward/Sara Griffith, Deborah Radcliff

Environment/Renewable Energy

Bills that focus on driving economic benefits through renewable energy and saving our environment. 

Bills we are following 

HB206- Environmental Review Act

HB221 - Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit 

HB283 - Increase Renewable Portfolio Standards 

HB 289 - Fund Investment in Renewable Energy

HB366 - Oil and Vented Gas Royalties

SB39- Solar Market Development Tax Credit 

SB 54 Radioactive Waste and Oversight Disposal

INH Lead - Karen Bonime

Lead Groups- NM 350, Sierra Club

Additional Information - Adelante Caucus Links


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