2019 Legislative Priorities

Santa Fe Roundhouse

Our priorities

Members of Indivisible Nob Hill have voted on 5 key issues we will work on with  other lead groups to pass favorable progressive legislation during the 2019 session.   Track along with the bills using the NM Legillature website.

Members will form rapid response teams and travel to Santa Fe for key votes, help lobby legislators and support lead groups to get legislation passed. 

Meet us on the Railrunner on Jan 15, 2019 to kick off the session.

If you are interested in assisting with the priorities, contact Toni Goar using the contact button on the home page.  

NM Legislature website

Common Sense Gun Safety

Our Focus will be on improving background checks, controls over online sales and removing the gun show loopholes.   

INH Lead -  Marilyn Finkelstein

Lead Organization - Mom's Demand Action 

Briefing Paper

Voter's Rights

This includes issues related to national popular vote, improving voter access, automatic voter registration, open primaries and more. 

INH Lead - Rich Wiener

Lead group - Corrales Indivisible 


Improving Civics education in middle school, and education overall is the priority for this group. 

INH Lead - Maria Garre, Sally Davis 

Lead groups - under discussion


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  This group will work on  Medicaid Buy-in Bills and Health Security for New Mexicans (Medicare for All at the state level) 

INH Lead -  Sandy Stulberg/Chris Hayward

Lead Group -  under discussion

Medicaid Buy In - Find out more

Enviornment/Renewable Energy

Bills that focus on driving economic benefits through renewable energy and saving our environment. 

INH Lead - Toni Goar

Lead Groups- NM 350, Sierra Club