FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER Rally - June 30, 2018. Civic Plaza 9 am to 11 am

Weekly Actions

June 18-23, 2018


Hi everyone,

One of the best things about being part of Indivisible is that we are part of a YUGE national movement where we are changing the narrative around crucial issues.

This week, Indivisible leaders from across the country were in Washington, DC, to attend the We The People 2018 summit, a conversation with Senators Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren spoke and 1,000 grassroots leaders, each took questions from the crowd.

Ricky, from Empire State Indivisible, asked his senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, if she would support a financial transaction tax to rein in Wall Street and fund investments that reduce economic inequality. Ricky knew that she had not taken a stance on this issue, and this was his shot to ask her face-to-face. There, in a room with hundreds of activists (and… maybe her 2020 presidential primary opponents), Gillibrand committed to supporting a financial transaction tax. This was a BIG DEAL because she had not gone on the record on whether she would stand with Wall Street or with the people. It represents a bolder position than she’s ever taken before. And just as important, it hopefully opens the door for others in the party to follow suit.

Wanna have your Ricky moment?? Come to our next meeting, Monday, June 18, when our speaker will be Janice Arnold-Jones, republican candidate for CD1. Ask her questions on her agenda for our State and challenge her to be bi-partisan on issues important to us.

AND REMEMBER, November 6 is just 142 days away (unless you’re reading this later, check for yourself, heck bookmark this page)!!!

Local Actions

- Want to fight against Trump’s immoral immigration policy? There is no ICE detention center here and no easy ICE office or an easy place to protest…so take a road trip!! Join Bill McCamley and other New Mexicans for a protest in El Paso, Texas at 9am on Tues the 19th. For more info, click here.

- Join Resist Trump Tuesdays at 400 Gold SW, to sign up, click here.

- Want to help, but can't travel? @natimontelongo has pulled together this Amazon list of specific things that the Sacred Heart Respite Center is in need of for families seeking asylum, click here for the list and order on-line. Be sure to indicate the Sacred Heart Center as the delivery address!!

Local Events

Tues, June 19, 10:30AM: CABQ Office of Equity and Inclusion press conference with Mayor Tim Keller, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, New Mexico Voices for Children and PolicyLink, to announce the joint release of the 2018 Equity Profile of Albuquerque.

Wed, June 20, 7-8 PM: Ind Corrales-NM hosts State Senator Mimi Stewart on National Popular Vote

Cottonwood Montessori School, 3896 Corrales Rd, Corrales, NM

Sat, June 23, 5–6:30 PM: Albuquerque Reception with Senator Martin Heinrich. O'Neill's Pub, 4310 Central Ave. SE

Wed, June 27, 6–8 PM:  West Side Dems Monthly Meeting: Addressing Mental Health and Addiction Issues in Our Community. Paradise Hills Community Center

5901 Paradise Blvd NW

Wed, June 27, 12–1 PM: Monthly Neighborhood Luncheon with Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins. 

Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts, 4121 Cutler Ave. NE.

Monday, July 16 – 5/30 to 7pm: INH Business Meeting. All members are asked to attend. We’ll be reviewing our finances, nominating new board members and determining our key activities in 201. For a link to Business Meeting Agenda, click here.

This week’s national policy rundown

Here’s what’s happening in Washington this week (and what to call our MoCs about):

On June 11, the Canadian House of Commons unanimously voted to condemn Trump after he and a group of administration officials lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the G-7 summit, saying “disparaging ad hominem statements by U.S. officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations."

Net neutrality is dead…but it could be resuscitated. There’s still a chance for Congress to act. Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can undo recently-issued rules from government agencies by passing a “resolution of disapproval.” - The CRA has an unusual provision that lets Senate Democrats force a vote on the resolution in their chamber last month. Now, it’s the House’s turn to act. Congressman Doyle (PA-14) has introduced a companion resolution in the House. But despite overwhelming public support for saving net neutrality (86% of all Americans! 82% of Republicans!), Paul Ryan has refused to bring it to the floor for a vote. Call Rep Michele Lujan-Grisham and tell her to co-sponsor Congressman Doyle’s resolution of disapproval to save net neutrality. Read Indivisible’s resource to get the latest information on net neutrality and the fight ahead.

- The Senate may write a new blank check for Trump to wage war. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is considering the “Corker-Kaine AUMF” that would make Trump’s wide-ranging war authorities even wider. After delaying mark up this week, it should come up for a vote next week. But it should be delayed indefinitely. Trump doesn’t need a blank check for war – tell our MoCs this bill must not become law.

- House Republicans could kick off a new health care fight. House Budget Committee Chairman Steve Womack said that his committee could mark up a budget resolution next week that would start the reconciliation process (the special procedure that allows legislation to pass the Senate with only 51 votes). Womack didn’t say what Republicans might want to use reconciliation for, but it could be another attempt at repealing the ACA or Tax Scam round two. More info forthcoming next week.

There will likely be two immigration votes in the House. Paul Ryan agreed to allow votes on two immigration bills to avoid an open immigration debate on the House floor. Both bills hold Dreamers hostage in return for radical changes to our legal immigration system and in funding for a border wall. Push your potential MoCs to fight tooth and nail for a permanent protections for Dreamers. Check out Indivisible’s updated resource and call script here.

- CA Senator, Kamala Harris, has introduced the S.2994 - EMPOWER Act-Part I  to deter, prevent, reduce, and respond to harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and harassment based on protected categories. The Bill reduces barriers that prevent victims from speaking out and seeking justice. It prevents companies from financially protecting harassers in secret, and provide individuals with the resources to address systemic workplace harassment. It will also ban non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses that some employers have required individuals to sign as a condition of employment. 

This week’s #TrumpThreatLevel

Visit trumpthreatlevel.indivisible.org for a running list of all the ways Trump makes us less safe and our latest foreign policy resources to take action.

National Events

Sunday, Nov. 11 – all day: Million Veterans March in Washington DC.  Celebrate Veteran’s Day - it will not celebrate weapons, machines or the ego of a non-veteran "Commander-in-Chief." I’ll send more info shortly, but if you’d like to send a donation, please click here.

In solidarity,

Melora – INH Outreach Coordinator

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