Weekly Actions

Nov 19-25, 2018

Hello Nob Hill Indivisibles, 

Wow, what a great week! Surfin’ that blue wave felt sooo good, don’t know ‘bout you but I rode that swell high, man was it sweet! Let’s keep moving forward, this is just the beginning… we’ve got momentum, let’s put it to work!

For those of you who made it to our last meeting, Sharla Parsons, with the Adelaide Caucus, fully embodied that energy and enthusiasm. We got this! She’s right, NM has one of (if not the) most progressive Democratic platforms in the country, to read it here.  If you’d like to know more about the Adelaide Caucus, click here.

Sharla is a fiercely good organizer and has some awesome ideas of how we can play off that platform to push a progressive agenda in our State Legislature. We'll have more on how you can get involved and support actions in the State Legislature, in the meantime, keep Jan 15, 2019 open for a road trip (or train trip) up to the Roundhouse for the opening session!!! Let’s get out in mass and let our new legislators know we’re expecting big things from them.

In the meantime, let’s get back to the basics, here’s some stuff to act on now.


1. No double-drilling! Houston-based Hilcorp Energy has applied to the NM Oil Conservation Commission to double the number of natural-gas wells allowed in the Blanco-Mesaverde gas pool across San Juan and Rio Arriba counties. You can send written comments to Commission Clerk Florene Davidson at florene.davidson@state.nm.us. Refer to Case No. 16403.  Click here, for a letter I wrote!

2. Transitioning New Mexico to renewable energy. Also means using less energy! America can reduce its energy consumption 40-60% by using better technologies and eliminating waste across our economy. Environment New Mexico energy efficiency guide, Please share widely!

3. Trump’s Dept. of Interior (DOI) is requesting to destroy historical records in the National Archives that may severely impact research. Public comment on any proposal/appraisal is being accepted until Nov 26, send your comment to: request.schedule@nara.gov /// NARA (ACRA), 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park MD 20740-6001.


Sun, Nov 18, 3-5pm: The Albuquerque Forum on Faith and Politics is hosting a panel on the Health Security Act. The forum will also be live streamed at www.standrewabq.org

St Andrew Presbyterian Church, 5301 Ponderosa Ave NE, 87110

Thurs, Nov 29, 6pm: An Informal Chat with Mayor Keller. Plumbers Hall, 510 San Pedro SE

Thurs, Dec 6, 6:30 pm: The International Uranium Film Festival - documentaries and movies about the risks of nuclear power and uranium. Entrance is free!

The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave, 87108

Sat, Dec 8, 10:00am to noon: LWVNM annual workshop on Effective Citizen Advocacy at the Legislature. Learn tips from legislators and a professional lobbyist on how to interact with legislators, speak at hearings, and advocate for your cause.

New Mexico State Capitol, Room 322 (enter on the East side)

Sat, May 4, 2019: March for Science. Mobilize for equitable, evidence-based policies and send a message that science advocates are a force for our future. 

To read more, click here

Our next Monday meeting speaker will be Ann Dunlap, chair of our Medicare for All speaker's bureau. Ann will talk about the NM “HR 676 Medicare for All” bill.

Future speakers will be

Nov 26: Sheryl Williams Stapleton - NM House Majority Floor Leader

Dec 3: Christmas Party!!!

Dec 10: Marshall Martinez - NM Planned Parenthood

Dec 17: New Legislature meet & greet with Dayan Hochman, Karen Bash, Melanie Stansbury, 

Natalie Figueroa and more!

And lastly, a personal note…

I don’t know if some of you believe in a higher power, greater consciousness, etc., and if you do, what method you use to connect to it, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu…but, as Matthew Fox said, “all wells pulls from the same river underneath”, I hope we can share a common understanding. 

The other day in church, our guru was talking about countering hate with love and I started thinking about how can I feel, let alone show, love towards Donald Trump? Admittedly, it’s a loathsome idea 😊! 

But then I started reflecting on happiness and the true meaning of it: Happiness is a contentment with ourselves. A self-knowing that we have all we need. And with that, I could see that Donald Trump may be one of the unhappiest souls in the world. His need for self-worth is so high, he’s in a constant internal battle to justify himself, to himself. That must be an incredibly miserable place to be. 

Then, I thought about how revered leaders of change, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, all demonstrated that love can be expressed in forgiveness, “forgive them that trespass against us”. Further, that forgiveness comes from pity. We pity someone when they cannot see or know something that we do. 

Then it snapped, replace the word love with pity. Because, when I pity Donald Trump, my anger disappears. I only feel sad for him.

I know we all feel so much fear and anger towards Mr. Trump, but in the end that’s exactly what he wants. He just wants attention and to know that he’s controlling people. So, through our anger, and indignation, and fear, we are actually perpetuating him.

Turn your anger to pity. Feel how it changes your energy.

Realize that we all know something, can see something, that he cannot. So just soldier on with that knowledge and know that we are righting the universe…however long it may take. And cast Trump aside, not in vengeance, but pity.

And, just imagine, if Donald Trump knew we were all just pitying him… man, would that clam him up in a heartbeat!

Weekly actions checklist:

___ Send comment to the Commission Clerk to stop double-drilling in NM

___ Find out how you can lower your energy consumption

___ Send public comment to the DOI re preserving our National Archives

___ Come to Monday’s meeting

In solidarity,

Melora – INH Outreach Coordinato

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