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March 11-17, 2019


Hello Nob Hill Indivisibles, 

Get ready to get fancy! Please join us for our Celebrate the Season fundraiser with Common Cause, Monday 18, March at O’Niells Pub 5:30-7PM. This is a formal event so break out the glitzy duds! And bid for some GREAT items and services in the silent auction. To see what’s been donated to date, click here.

We also need sponsors, if you’re able to, please sign-up here, and pass along!


**All members, please complete the National Priorities (very short) survey, click here**


Call our Federal MoCs!

1. March 25 is the day after the one-year anniversary of the March For Our Lives. MFO students will be delivering handwritten letters right to every senators' D.C. offices. They want to create a full-on flood of snail mail in Congress. To write and send a letter, click here.

2. Although the FCC repealed net neutrality protections in December 2017, the fight to preserve a free and open Internet hasn’t ended. We have a chance to enshrine protections in Congress. The Save the Internet Act works to secure a free and open Internet by restoring protections that ensure ISPs treat all data that flows through their networks fairly. It would also bring back mechanisms that promote competition, access to the Internet, and considered the role Internet access and Internet speeds play in public safety. All of these things were part of the 2015 Open Internet Order. Write and/or call your representatives today and urge them to cosponsor the Save the Internet Act. For contacts, click here.

3. It may not be perfect, but the Green New Deal puts in motion a movement to address climate change. Our MoCs are on board, but many others aren’t. From Democrats like Dianne Feinstein who represent states pioneering the transition to clean energy, to those in purple states up for re-election in 2020, Cory Gardner (Colorado), Joni Ernst (Iowa) and Susan Collins (Maine) – they need to know we’re watching them! Call or write them and tell them to commit to addressing climate change now! 

Local Actions

Please consider attending the March 23 ward meeting and running for ward or precinct chair, or a Democratic County Central Committee (CCC) member. This is how we can support the progressive slate of CCC officers headed up by Flora Lucero and help make the county and state Democratic Party more functional and progressive. (For those of you who were unable to attend the last INH meeting, Flora was at that meeting, along with Terry Storch, a very active precinct chair who is running for ward chair in her ward.) To look up your precinct, click here. To find your ward (you need to know your precinct number), click here.

That link will also tell you how many CCC seats in your precinct will be up for election. One of those seats will be for the precinct chair, and the rest (sometimes only one) will be a non-precinct-chair seat. In any case, the way to get elected is to bring several neighbors with you to the meeting -- six is a good number that can get you elected. For more information on this process, click here

State Legislative Priorities and Actions

Members of Indivisible Nob Hill voted on 6 key issues to support in our State Legislature:

· Common Sense Gun Safety

· Voter's Rights

· Education

· Healthcare

· Environment/Renewable Energy

· Tax Reform

We are working with other lead groups to pass favorable progressive legislation on these issues during the 2019 session. Members can join rapid response teams and travel to Santa Fe for key votes, help lobby legislators and support lead groups to get legislation passed. 

 If you’re not part of our text alerts, please contact Tom Anderson to get on our list.

Here’s bills we are tracking:

For a comprehensive review of all bills on Education and status, click here

The Energy Transition Act (489), which would establish renewable energy portfolio standards, passed the Senate comfortably and will be heard by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 11 at 1:30 in Room 309. The bill is supported by most environmental groups however one environmental group and a number of indigenous groups are attempting to amend the bill or otherwise table the bill. INH is supporting this bill, as with just a few days left in the session, we will be considerably better off with the bill than without it, whether it is further amended or not. Please attend the House Judiciary Committee, if possible. If you cannot make it, please call or e-mail the representatives on the committee and ask them to support the bill. For a list of committee members, click here.

HB 55 (National Popular Vote) and HB 84 (Automatic Voter Registration) have finally been scheduled in the Senate Rules Committee (SRC) for Saturday, March 9 at 9:00. These bills are not high up on the agenda for March 9, so they may well be rolled over to early next week. After SRC, these bills must be heard in Senate Judiciary and then go to the Senate floor before Saturday, March 16 (last day of the session). Please watch these bills closely on nmlegis.gov and be prepared to contact members of those committees in support of the bills.

SB279 Health Security Act is waiting to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.Sat., March 9, 2:00 (Room 311). We’ll have more news on Monday.

Also watch HB 221 (Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit). It is scheduled to be voted on by the entire House, and then it will go to the Senate, where it will have to move quickly to have a chance to be passed.

To see the status of all the Bills we are tracking, click here

Some Good News! 

The Delaware Senate passed the National Popular Vote bill by a bi-partisan 14-7 vote, thus becoming the 37th state legislative chamber to pass the bill! It now goes to their House of Representatives where it is sponsored by 25 of the 41 members. 

The US House of Representatives passed HR1, the For The People Act, the most sweeping reform legislation since the Voting Rights Act! This bill will: Publicly finance elections, End gerrymandering, create Automatic voter registration, Abolish dark money, Make Election Day a national holiday, Require presidents to release their tax returns, and Create a Supreme Court ethics code. Next step is to the Senate where it will faces stiff backlash, but the wheel is starting to turn…we may not get it this time around, but once we’ve a majority Congress…!


Rep Deb Haaland has opened up a mobile office. While she is in DC, her staff will travel to different locations in her district to assist residents experiencing difficulties with federal agencies, including with veterans' benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, passports or visas, to learn more click here


Mon, March 11, 5 - 6:30 PM. One Albuquerque Ambassador Kick-Off Event. Albuquerque Convention Center in the La Cienega Room. Please RSVP to the event here.

Fri, March 15, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Youth Strike for Climate in Santa Fe. Santa Fe Plaza, 63 Lincoln Ave. To sign-up, click here.

                             5:30 PM. Representative Ben Ray Lujan will speak at Indivisible Corrales. Cottonwood Montessori School, 3896 Corrales Rd., Corrales (in the GREENHOUSE), for more info, click here

Tues, March 26, 6 PM: Day Hochman-Vigil is holding a post-legislative session town hall. North Domingo Baca Community Center, 7521 Carmel NE, 87113. For a flyer, click here.

Sat, April 6, 10 AM (registration at 8:30AM). DPBC County Central Committee Meeting

ABQ Convention Center Ballroom C

Sun, April 28, 10 AM (registration at 8:30AM). DPNM State Central Committee Meeting

V. Sue Cleveland HS Concert Hall, 4800 Laban Rd NE, Rio Rancho 

Sat, May 4, 2019: March for Science. Mobilize for equitable, evidence-based policies and send a message that science advocates are a force for our future. 

To read more, click here

Hope to see you at Monday’s meeting, March 11, our speakers will be Flora Lucero and Justin Garoutte - DPBC Vice Chairs. Come hear how we can advance a progressive voice in the Bernco Democratic Party!

Weekly actions checklist:

___ Write Letters for the MFO campaign

___ Put the heat on MoCs to Save the Internet and fight Climate Change

___ Call your NM Reps and ask them to support key legislation up this week

___ Sign up for Roundhouse alerts and go to Santa Fe at least one day this week

___ Come to Monday’s meeting

In solidarity,

Melora – INH Outreach Coordinator

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