Weekly Actions


Jan 14-20, 2019


Hello Nob Hill Indivisibles, 


I’m back.

Happy New Year y’all! It’s going to be an interesting one, perhaps more trying than the last…but we’ve got some momentum now, let’s keep moving our democracy forward. We’ve. Got. This.

Thanks to all of you who attended Sandra Dukert of RESULTS’ Lobbying and Advocacy training. We learned that not only do our calls and letters influence our lawmakers, they NEED us to tell them what we want and expect from them! Advocacy is about education and relationship building. Participants learned/practiced tools to help communicate more effectively with our lawmakers using the EPIC guide: (E) Engage the audience, (P) Present the problem, (I) inform on the Solution, and (C) Call to Action. To download key documents provided, click here


Get on the phone and call our MoCs!

1. Get some action on the government’s shutdown over the border wall. Many of you may have already called our MoCs about it, but they REALLY need to hear from us, so call again! Board Member-at-large Gary Coffin developed an awesome letter to be used as a call/letter script when calling our MoCs, click here.

Please feel free to personalize and most certainly forward to any family/friends who have Ben Lujan as their Rep, he holds a weighty position within the Dem party and can help change the narrative of this debate!

2. While you’re talking to your MoC, also tell them to not support Trump’s official nomination of Andrew Wheeler to be the Administrator or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Senate Republicans are trying to rush a hearing on his nomination next week even though the federal government, including the EPA, is still shutdown. As Acting Administrator, Wheeler has already done the bidding of corporate polluters, proposing new rules that allow cars, trucks, power plants, and industrial facilities to emit more pollution and. We can't let Wheeler's nomination coast through, especially when the government is shutdown, and Superfund sites go uncleaned, and our air and water is at risk. 

3. On the first day of the new Congress, more than 160 Indivisible groups, including INH, showed up at their member of Congress’ offices to say, “Whose House? Our House!” It was the largest single day of action in Indivisible’s history. We got Rachel Maddow’s attention. They heard us loud and clear! Senate Democrats, lead by Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), backed Indivisible’s national strategy to refuse to proceed with business as usual until Mitch McConnell brings a bill to the floor to reopen the government. We won -- blocking the first bill that Mitch McConnell tried to bring up. That is a BIG deal. And it never would have happened without your calls and office visits. Both Udall and Heinrich voted “No”, call them and say thank you.

4. Last Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson introduced H.R. 8, a new law mandating universal background checks that closes the loopholes in gun sales. Call your House Rep and tell them to pass this bill. For more info, click here

Other actions

1. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just issued Incidental Harassment Authorizations to five major oil and natural gas companies to conduct seismic blasting off of the Atlantic coast. Studies have shown the dangerous effects of seismic blasting on marine animals and ecosystems. But we have a chance to stop it before the permits are finalized. Tell Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to protect marine wildlife from seismic blasting, for more info, click here.

Legislative Priorities and Actions

Get ready to go to the Roundhouse! INH Members voted on 5 key issues to work on with other lead groups to pass favorable progressive legislation during the 2019 session: Common Sense Gun Safety,  Voter's Rights, Education, Healthcare, and Environment/Renewable Energy.

1. We are working with the Adelante Caucus and Retake our Democracy to create a rapid response team to support bills as they come to the floor. This will give you opportunities to go to Santa Fe to lobby for bills. Please sign up to be an Adelante member so as you’ll have access to their Action Alert Responders list and sign-up to go to the Roundhouse, click here.

Or, if you can’t travel to SF but want to act from where you are, join Retake’s Rapid Response Network, click here. The Rapid Response Network will send you action alerts the day before any bills are being heard in a committee or on the floor when your legislator will be voting. You’ll receive the bill name and number, speaking points, and contact info so that you can call and email your legislator in support of the bill. Learn more about the MUST PASS bills here

2. Help Kick-off the 2019 session! Meet us on the Railrunner on Jan 15, 2019. The train departs from Downtown at 9:35 or Montano at 9:44 am, arrives at South Capitol station at 11:16 am (We’ll all take the very short walk to Roundhouse). Departures from the South Capitol station are 4:20 or 5:35pm, arriving at Montano station at 5:39 or 6:54 respectively. Click here to buy tickets, or buy on the train, $9 round trip


Sat, Jan 19, 10AM: Bernco Dem Party (DPBC) Ward 11 meeting. Meet Flora Lucero, candidate for County Chair, plus a special visit from Deb Haaland. Light refreshments provided. Main Library Community Room, 5th and Copper NW 

DPBC Next-Gen Orientations: familiarize yourelf with the structure of the party and how you can best fit in! This is primarily for those who are new to formal involvement in the party and are considering running for a ward or precinct position in March, but is open to everyone interested in involvement at all levels. Three remaining sessions:

Sat, Jan 19, 6PM: UNM Law School, 1117 Stanford Dr NE

Thurs, Feb 14, 6PM: Plumbers Hall, 510 San Pedro SE

Sat, Feb 23, 10AM: UNM Law School, 1117 Stanford Dr NE

Tues, Feb 5, time TBA: Lobby Day for gun control bills. Join Moms’ Demand Action in Santa Fe and support their lobbying for gun control bills. More info TBA.

Sat, May 4, 2019: March for Science. Mobilize for equitable, evidence-based policies and send a message that science advocates are a force for our future. 

To read more, click here

Here’s some Good News

On Monday, January 7, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a serious blow to ExxonMobil’s efforts to stonewall an investigation into its business practice of sowing doubt about climate science. The high court declined to hear last-ditch appeals by Exxon to block subpoenas by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, who is investigating whether Exxon lied to the public and investors about fossil fuels’ impact on climate change. 

In Congress, the Green New Deal is reshaping and redefining what’s politically possible. California and Hawaii have already shown that a state can get to 100 percent clean energy -- now it’s time for the nation to follow. Massachusetts and other states are using their power to advance the climate discussion in the courts. Greta Thunberg, the 15-year-old Swedish climate activist, and the Sunrise Movement in the United States are flexing power of youth.

Be sure to come to our Monday meeting, Jan 14, Rhiannon Samuel with Via Ante will be speaking.

Weekly actions checklist:

___ Call your MoCs:

      No to Border Wall

      No to Andrew Wheeler as EPA Director

       Thanks for saying No to McConnell’s attempted block to re-opening of Gov’t

___ Call your House Rep and tell them to pass H.R. 8 on increased background checks

___ Sign-up for Adelante Caucus and/or Retake Our Democracy

___ Join us at the Roundhouse on Tuesday, Jan 15

___ Come to Monday’s meeting 

In solidarity,

Melora – INH Outreach Coordinator


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